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Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
>> career expert marty nemco has advice for job seekers. do we get what we expect? how your thoughts drive your life. bay area focus, next. >> happy new year and welcome to bay area focus. for many 2013 means looking for work. whether you are newly laid off or you have been job hunting for a while, advice and career consultant marty nemko could mean fresh ideas to get you back on payroll. labeled bay area's best career host marty hosts the program work with marty nemko on public radio. he wrote cool careers for dummies and his latest book, how to do life, what they didn't teach you in school. welcome back. happy new year. >> to you too. >> we'll get to what they didn't teach you in school. that's a lot. let's start with the new year. will it be good for people looking for work? >> i think it will be at least in the short term. president obama has made major decisions. he has promised he will make 12 million illegal immigrants legal. that will present a tremendous number. from the bureaucrats to those who have to teach for the citizenship exam. once they're legal there are so
Jan 30, 2013 11:30pm PST
to be let out. [applause] >> marty, let me ask you, you're obviously part of the california district attorney's association, as we were talking before the panel began, you shared with me that your organization has previously supported a measure that mark leno brought forward to lower the punishment for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana to a misdemeanor to an infraction. in this case your organization is essentially opposed to it. what do you say to mr. adelman and mr. gascon? >> i think one of the things i want to point out is that in terms of the changes currently taking place in california's criminal justice system is that we have embarked on a very, very large experiment and that's called realignment. prison population in california is going to approach by -- or sometime next year the federal mandate of 130,000. we've already released some 50,000 individuals to serve their time locally, and these offenses that we were talking about here are currently in the list of offenses that were to be served in county jails now. and if the notion here is to provide services and tr
Jan 29, 2013 3:30am PST
it's part and parcel to addiction recovery. >> george, let me ask you, marty raisesed the point that the reason that we need felony possibilities with drug possession offenses is that we need an incentive for people to choose treatment when they are charged with a crime. do you agree with them [ >> i don't. i understand where marty is coming from. i think we have to make sure when we're treating this as a misdemeanor we do have a tool to ensure that people who need treatment are going to be afforded the opportunity and are going to have treatment. i also agree with tal, not necessarily everybody that uses drugs is an addict, and not necessarily everybody who uses drugs needs to have treatment. but having said that, people that we often come in contact with will be people who have a severe drug abuse problem and generally they also have a mental health issue problem, there are often housing problems, employment, many other problems, and that's the population we deal with often. and i think that figuring a way to have an intervention so that services are available for those that need i
Jan 23, 2013 7:00pm PST
other people's faith. in fact, the interview i had from prof. martin marty from the university of chicago, i don't know if it's included in this particular class or interview that we're going to see here shortly but he makes the point that he's met, you know, the dalai lama, he met mother theresa. he's met great religious leaders and the ones who really are deep in their own faith can make that common cause. can really be enriched from other people and learn from other faiths and so we want to keep that point up front. i mean we haven't touched from anyone in the class. perhaps some folks in here have no real particular religious concerns and you might be here to get three units of humanities credits, which that's what we're about. we're a university or you may be here for a number of different reasons but still as we move through this fascinating journey, looking at different beliefs and believers, it's a good thing to keep in mind and we'll touch on that. we brought up some great points on why it is, you know, that we should study religion. you know, why it is we might this is a
Jan 5, 2013 9:00am PST
latest this hour? >> reporter: hi, marty. there's a big protest going on on the steps of the jefferson county courthouse. police estimate around 300 people or so. this is not the first time people have been staging protests. their main beef, as they see it, many of these people here, they're coming here for different causes. some are calling for justice for jane doe, the alleged victim in this case. many other people here are not happy with the way they feel investigators have been looking at this case. they don't think some of them that police have done a thorough job of investigating it. they allege that there has been a cover-up. now, authorities and the city insist that there has been no cover-up, that they are doing a thorough investigation and that the people that have been charged will have justice done at a trial coming up next month. but there are a lot of people here on both sides. they're staging a noisy protest here. and many of them feel that the city hasn't done enough to get down to the bottom of this. we'll all find out as that trial begins. marty? >> and i un
Jan 13, 2013 11:30am PST
susan, what's happening there now? >> well hi, marty, as you said, it's been a month since the tragedy happened. and literally, there are signs still around newtown, in tribute to all of the victims, including for the 27 people killed, including 20 children, 6-year-old and 7-year-old boys and girls among the dead. and here at newtown high school, at this hour, a public forum is beginning, to decide what to do about sandy hook elementary school. you remember that the children are attending another school now. but again, what to do with it. do you destroy that school? do you put a public memorial, a memorial in its place? or perhaps a combination of those ideas. and that's in part what this public forum is about. to talk about ideas. marty? >> yeah, that's a very difficult discussion to even imagine they're having in that community. how are the people recovering? how is that town healing? >> well, you know, people are saying a lot of things about the healing process, marty. for example, we spent some time at st. rose of lima catholic church where nine of the children were parishioners. a
Jan 29, 2013 3:00am PST
attorney in califoia to support senator leno's direction. why is that? >> i want to thank marty for being here. even though we disagree, i think it was really important to have the point of view of the 57 other elected d.a.'s in the state. i think it's important to understand in our dialogue so marty, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> marty is someone i respect a great deal and he has been involved in public safety for a number of years and doing very momably serving the l.a. city attorney as well as his current position. actually, for me this has been a journey, it's not like a light switch went on yesterday. i have been involved in public safety for about 30 years. i have seen the war on drugs from the ground up. i have seen it as a police officer, young police officer walking, foot beat in south central and east l.a. i saw the revolving door, the impact that that revolving door was having in many communities and as i rose through the ranks, i began to take a different look at the way we dealt with crime and the way we dealt with public safety and as i evolved throughout the ye
Jan 12, 2013 9:00am PST
an issue of freedom of speech here? >> well, it is, marty. i'll tell you something, we're reminded constantly that in some cases there's a fine line between the good guys and the bad guys. this police officer was so out of line, i mean, the guy's got to be terminated. the panel on the court of appeals said basically you could not have any other interpretation of what this was. his explanation was i thought they needed help so when i saw that middle finger sign sent to me, i thought hay needed help so i pulled them over. then he ends up arresting the guy. that's outrageous. this police officer should be terminated. they should sue him and hammer the police force for this. this was a horrible stop. no need for this. it could have been a traffic accident. a lot of problems could have happened from this. the cop's got to suck it up. it's not a big deal. move on with life. much more important things in life than getting the bird thrown at you. >> averying you're growning ani the background. >> i don't think you need to fire the cop, but i think -- >> yes, you do. >> -- what it stands fo
Jan 31, 2013 12:00am PST
support. [applause] >> tal, i want to go back to the question that marty posed earlier, which is in effect this idea that in order to incentivize people making the decision to seek treatment that the fear of a felony conviction or possible state prison sentence could play a positive role. you talk to a lot of people charged with crimes who are trying to make the decision of what decision to make, what is the primary motivation you see coming from them. how do they decision make on dispositions related to drug possession as a felony? >> i think that for a lot of people it does have to be a personal decision and they have to come to it themselves. i don't think they necessarily are thinking about whether whether or not they'd be convicted of a felony or misdemeanor. i will also say that sometimes you'll meet someone in county jail and they're ready to get treatment, they're ready to get help and because of the lack of resources, they have to sit in county jail and wait for a bed to open up or wait for there to be an opportunity for them to access treatment. and one of the things that
Jan 6, 2013 8:30am PST
. it's almost like a girly book, you know? it's all about these girls, and jose marti, and it was, like cleansing myself. >> hinojosa: ahole oth side of jose marti, by the way. if you think you know jose marti, you don't. it was amazing. >> and this is how i get into the art of political murder. i knew that divine husband had to open in a convent. and i wanted to do research inside the guatemalan church. in 1998, when bishop gerardi, the head of the guatemalan human rights office, after he presides over the publishing of an unprecedented, taboo-shattering human rights report on the war... >> hinojosa: and this is based in the church. >> the church sponsored... >> hinojosa: the church is saying, "we're going to open up this pandora's box about political violence." >> "and we're going to defy the amnesty." see, because when the guatemalan... the guatemalan army basically could dictate... the un peace accords basically dictates the terms of the peace agreement, right? and among the things that they insist on is that there's going to be an amnesty. in other words, of the 200,000 or mo
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
people who are speaking about what to do? >> reporter: oh, marty, i think at this stage, people would be surprised if there would be a consensus. i mean, it's so early and so fresh in everyone's mind. after all, 27 people were killed during that terrible mass shooting, including -- including several children ages 6 and 7. and at this meeting, we heard a range of opinions about what should happen. this lasted an hour and a half. i was struck by the number of sandy hook parents who were here. one of them said this was such a horrible thing that happened that they should just tear down the school and instead put a memorial there. some saying the children are too frightened to go back. another parent countered that children should be strong and not hide from adversity and that they should be helped through this, that a school should be rebuilt on that site but perhaps also a memorial as well. but another parent saying, you know, we have to be sensitive to all different ideas. in the end, many of the parents said it ought to be the sandy hook parents whose children still go there, th
Jan 22, 2013 5:00pm PST
therapist marty maddox. maddox says football players develop huge muscles and if they don't stretch them to keep them flexible and elongated, there's trouble. >> watch kaepernick running, and he didn't have normal flexibility when he takes off in that heated sprint, he would probably hurt himself. >> reporter: the 49ers have been in remarkably good health, compared to the competition. over the past two years, while 49ers have missed 159 games due to injury, the ravens have missed 310. that's 95% more. other teams stretch, but the niners do so religiously. before and after each practice, and again in the locker room. they train hard to stay loose. otherwise -- >> you want to move it quickly, and it's tense and tight, it can very easily rupture or tear. >> it's a event >> oh, god, marty it hurts. go niners! from >> reporter: we all could learn. >> go niners! >> reporter: i was outdoors exercising this weekend but did not take the time to stretch, and boy, could i feel it today. i need to take my own advice. >> so really, everybody should be stretching. >> yes. >> i've heard twice a da
Jan 8, 2013 4:00am PST
say that, i want to think marty for coming here. he knew he was coming into this. i want to repeat. i am in the minority in the association. i think concerning this item, it is important for me and all of us to recognize there are ballot points of view. if we're serious about developing solutions that work for all of us, we have to entertain those points of view and tried to reach consensus. that is the only one that we will create a workable, sustainable solutions. all we're doing is spinning our wheels. my reason for being here is because i truly have come to the conclusion that it is not only based on years on the ground operationally but years of working on development of public policy, working with state governments and justice and lower in corp. -- incarceration and working with other people. a variety of settings. i do not believe that incarceration has taken us where we need to be. i believe the war on drugs has been a failure. when we institutionalize people over extended periods of time, we take low-level offenders in the early stages and harden them and we send them to t
Jan 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
just days away from super gras. marty gras and super bowl in one weekend. and it gives you a nice little flavor of all the best that new orleans has to offer. i'll show you what i'm talking about. we have got the steam boat stompers inside. these guys have been -- two hour long afternoon -- listen. >> it wouldn't be mardi gras without this. and of course there's nothing quite like new orleans in the mississippi river. we have the captain himself, captain don. i got to ask, you've been around for a while. you know these waters well. are you guys ready? is this city ready to handle super gras? >> we have done it before, we'll do it again. >> you have a million people coming here. -- >> every year we have marty gras with over a million people and we have super bowl every few years, so we are ready for it. as always. >> and the steam boat provides a nice sort of different perspective on the city. a much calmer perspective than most people are getting to see. >> most people don't realize it is here because of the mississippi river. so we're the only steam boat to operate in the harbor.
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
thanks for joining us. i'm marty gonzalez. >>> and i'm ysabel duron. we'll get to those top stories in a moment. but first, we want to get a quick check of your forecast with janu. >> we are still dealing with some showers in the north bay. the ad cloud coverage. expecting a pretty dry day. partly to mostly sunny. mostly clear skies as the go towards the evening. taking a look at the temperatures a little bit warmer. matt 40's in napa 47 in oakland. mid- 40's and napa i-low 50s for this afternoon. 52 degrees in napa, expected later. and 52 degrees and will take a look at futurecast and track the rainfall. for now, let us go back over to marty. >> good news for hockey fans this morning - the n-h-l and players have a tentative agreement that will salvage the season. negotiations lasted more than 16 hours. they finally resolved remaining issues early this morning. sharks fans have been without games for one- hundred-13 days. businesses around h-p pavilion have been hurting because of the lock out. a final approval will help the n-h-l avoid a second season lost to labor disputes. a lockout e
Jan 29, 2013 6:00am EST
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Jan 10, 2013 5:35am EST
papel, alejandro marti dijo que está a favor de una ley de víctimas pero no la que presentó enrique peña nieto . >>> al menos dos narcotraficantes murieron en un tiroteo, los cadáveres de dos hombres fueron retirados de ela escena donde las autoridades sospechan que fue el tiroteo, rastros de sangre indican que podría haber más muertos. >>> miren ustedes qué historia lo que suponía ser un emocionante descenso en una pista de sky, término una tragedia, cuando la pelota de plástico desvió su curso y cayó a un precipicio en el suroeste de rusia. >>> dos hispanos seran protagonistas en la toma de posesión del presidente barack obama en su segundo mandato, al jueza sonia sotomayor tomará el juramento al vicepresidente joe biden y un poeta hispano está invitado para leer un poema. >>> por primera vez en la historia de estados unidos , un poeta hispano tiene la tarea de recitar una de sus obras en al toma de posesión del presidente barack obama, después de esto noticiero univisión logró hablar con el escritor. >>> fue un momento increíble, me tomó como 10 minutos el ppen
Jan 20, 2013 8:00am PST
back over to marty. marty obama will take the official oath of office. it's a private ceremony being held at the white house. as mandated by the constitution. new video in this morning shows the president and vice president joe biden at a wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. but tomorrow. the big celebration happens. a second, public swearing in ceremony. which we will carry live. there have been a thousand details for organizers to consider. here's kron four's catherine heenan with more. >> catherine: a few facts about how these crowds will be handled. the u.s. military will be helping park police for the first time ever. the secret service will be working with 57 federal and local agencies. a new app is designed to keep people from getting lost or stuck in overcrowded spots -- which happened in 2009. there's continued concern over whether there will be enough porta-potties. also - a new pastor has been chosen to give the benediction. unlike the first choice - luis leon supports same sex marriage. the estimated cost - about 40-million dollars. the tradition is almo
Jan 24, 2013 8:00pm EST
extremely arrowing considerate approach they've taken. i want to express my deepest thanks to marty dempsey for his leadership in all the service chiefs who have been working on this issue and as a group, came forward with the recommendation we are implementing today. our men and women in uniform have not asked for more than a leaders in uniform. i fundamentally believe our military is more effective and success is based solely on ability and qualifications and performance. when i look at my grandson and my granddaughters, i've got six grandchildren, three grandsons and three granddaughters, i want each of them to have the same chance to succeed at whatever they want to deal. life as we are now, there are no guarantees to success. not everyone is going to be able to be a combat soldier. the everyone is entitled. by committing ourselves to that principle, we are renewing our commitment to the american values are servicemembers stay and die to defend. as secretary, i go to bethesda to visit wounded warriors to bury our dead there is no distinction that's made between the sacrifices of
Jan 13, 2013 8:00am PST
everyone and thanks for joining us this sunday, january 13th. >> i'm ysabel duron. >> and i'm marty gonzalez. we'll have much more on the niners big win in a moment. but first, let's get a check of the forecast. >> as we head for the afternoon mild but cold temperatures. clear skies. however, take a look at santa rosa, 25 degrees. 26 in concord, pleasanton. we have seen a sub-freezing temperatures. and currently 30's in fremont and sunnyvale. and similar to yesterday with 40's and '50's. low 50s for the east bay shore and the south bay. 48 through livermore. and the same combination of 40's and '50's. 50s through no vato your full forecast is coming up. >> just on time! look at that, 25 degrees. add the bay area heaters it was a frigid night and it is going to continue to be chilly. to get you more news faster temperatures plunged. it was another frigid night around be chilly this morning. to get you more news faster, let's turn to our solo reporter. kron four's mike pelton live in walnut creek. >> temperatures continue to drop. technically the freeze warning expires at 8:00 a.m. bu
Jan 2, 2013 1:00am PST
the audience to take a page from jose marti, the revolutionary poet and hero of cuba's independence from spain -- >> you need to cultivate the marti mind. the marti mind is simply that, as much love as i have for my own group, i have for every other group. to take possessive investment in each others' struggles. where whatever's happening to the gay community, is happening to us. whatever's happening in the asian community, that's us. instead of possessive commodified investment in our identities, we need to take possessive investment in our other communities' struggles. >> the life and work of junot diaz contain many worlds, and that makes him all the more worth listening to. his imagination travels between the old and the new, between the america that was and the america we're becoming. straddling different cultures, yet american to the core -- he seems to be looking in every direction at once -- a spotter of the future, a curator of the past, a man very much of the here and now. in his first book, "drown" and in "the brief wondrous life of oscar wao" -- the novel that won him the
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am EST
. >>> former national bureau chief marty feld stein will wrap it up at 8:40 a.m. eastern time. a big lineup. andrew, over to you. >> thank you. >>> the big news, the national transportation safety board is asking boeing for a full history of the lithium icon batteries used in the dreamliner jets. the ntsb made the request after learning of the incident that's occurred before the battery fire on japan's airlines jet back at boston's logan airport on january 7. al nippon says it replaced batteries on its 787 jets ten times after they failed to charge properly or showed other problems and told boeing about the swaps. and an ana flight was forced to make an emergency landing on january 16. and phil lebeau and aviation expert michael boyd will join us. we'll be gearing up for boeing's quarterly results coming at 7:30 a.m. eastern time. a lot to get to. you see that story on the front page of "the new york times" and other places. the fact that they knew about it, it was a bigger problem makes me more anxious, but i know you think i'm anxious about planes -- >> no, i think at this point things --
Jan 13, 2013 1:00pm PST
to do? >> reporter: marty, everyone has a different idea and we have been hearing lot of them during the course of this meeting, which is still going on. it's a public forum. one of the ideas even included creating a planetarium there so that people could go there and look at the stars. what was most powerful about this was the number of parents, victims and survivors, speaking before this crowd, some of them, at times, breaking down into tears. for example, one mother who said, "the children are so scared there, they shouldn't go back they should tear down the school, blood memorial there." another mother who had a different opinion who said that we must teach our children to be strong, that the children want to go back, that they should rebuild the school and create a memorial there. and then a father who spoke up and said this is much more than our children, something -- simply being strong. that we have to be sensitive to all different ideas here. and yet another mother who said that the teachers are too scared to go back and we must not let, in this case you the shooter w
FOX News
Jan 14, 2013 12:00am PST
. last decade i served in combat with countless professionals. that's what marty dempsey is talking about. there are necessarily going to be reductions in defense spending and if they are responsibly done as secretary gates laid out that's probably fine. if you do a sequestration that's irresponsible way to cut. suddenly you can't cut every part of the defense budget. many parts of that was protected for various reasons. as marty laid out you gut people. and when you gut human capital, you are going to pay a price that can't be caught up for a generation. >> mike: the difference is with sequestration it's there is no discretion. it's just across the board. you just cut everywhere. it's almost like going into an operating room and instead of surgically remove a tumor you say we will remove 20 pounds of flesh out of this body regardless of where it is coming from. that's what this problem is, isn't it. >> it's worse than that instead of giving the leadership the chance to cut $40 billion over the rest of 2013 anywhere they want, there are certain areas, certain programs that cannot be
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 168 (some duplicates have been removed)